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Karen Didion 4-Foot Tall Halloween Witch with Incredible Detail

Halloween is quickly becoming one of our more busy seasons as people continue to enjoy decorating their homes and offices.

This hand-crafted 4-foot tall witch by Karen Didion featured intricate work from head to toe (though, she doesn't actually have feet). Her hat, feather boa, authentic borrom and - especially- her clothing are fun to look at and interesting to touch.

You can see in the picture above, the intricate details on her hands, face, and a other subtleties for good measure.

To come and enjoy this one-of-a-kind halloween find, explore our large inventory, or to get help finding that special something come and visit us.

Karen Didion 4 Foot Tall Halloween Witch With Incredible... This hand-crafted 4-foot tall witch by Karen Didion featured intricate work from head ...
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